21 de mai de 2008

1 world + manifest ( translation )

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day I spent 4 hours in front of my computer watching Pangea Day, documentaries that tell stories about “other people”, interspersed with several shows, including one by our Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil….I thought that he could have presented “the Brazilian people” who we do not know….singing or possibly present Brazilian music, in the manner that the Brazilian national anthem ( youtube) was so beautifully presented on the weekly Sunday television show “Faustao”, and in this way the Minister of Culture would host our Brazilian culture, mostly for us Brazilians who live in such a huge country, that is so divided and so greatly unknown by Brazilians themselves….The principal message of the project is that Pangea symbolizes a world without borders, in which one respects the other, which is governed by love, tolerance and suggests that everyone should “listen and pay attention” to the “other” in order that he be part of one moment in our lives = so that we that are, through our experience, finally able to attain peace. All of the videos by Pangea Day are worth seeing.
Another video that shouldn’t be missed is orgesticu- lanismus or lostateminor.
Today on the Active resistance, link I read the complete "manifesto (pdf - english), there were so many insights...dialogs between Pinocchio, Alice and the rabbit (in Alice in Wonderland), Aristotle...

Aristotle: 'The events that are part of a theme must be organized so that if one of such changes place or is removed, the whole will be affected and it will not make sense; because if the presence or lack of a certain thing does make a different, that thing is not part of the whole..'

Real life is not objective – we are never able to see the complete image. It is chaotic and continuous – a mix of specifics in which events are engulfed in the flow of the circumstances. How can an artist be objective when he himself is part of the change? He needs a fixed matter on which to base himself – a standard, a measurement, a model.
Aristotle assumes this as certain and absolute when he states “In accordance with his personality man is of a certain nature…it is because of actions that actors play their roles.” He also states that the best roles in a play are the actors with whom we relate – “people like us” –
The manner in which we control the imagination is through our own imagination – or better, through our “best selves” – the ethical part.
Lover of art: ‘Yes, true culture occurs in another way: The artist notes the differences and for this reason his work is original. He sees the element that is shared in things that are apparently different and discriminates things that are apparently similar. The Chinese say that a painter sees similarities in the unlikely and the unlikely in similarity

Pinocchio: 'You get what you pay for – that is my motto from now on. As a painter suddenly art will visit me one day – like a fairy with blue hair’
Ahhh what a fantastic scene when David finds the blue fairy in artificial intelligence .... David....

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