25 de jan de 2008

Underwater II = Sous la Mer

Dani Sá me deu a dica deste trabalho que está exposto no flickr... Sous la Mer - Alberich Mattews

Dani Sá gave me the hint of this work that is displayed in flickr... Sous la Mer - Alberich Mattews

4 comentários:

Leen Marcon disse...

Uauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!Amei, amei, amei!!!!Muito boa essa dica Pirlimpimpim!!kkkkkkkkkkkk

santa mistura disse...

lindo né?? leen olhei os favoritos dele é tem cada trabalho lindoooo

alberich disse...

This is why I no longer give out the raw image on CD. This is NOT my work. The model did this from my pictures without permission.


santa mistura disse...

i will delete the image if it´s disturb you, sorry about it!! alberich