10 de jan de 2007

trendwatching = Love pics... me too (my translation ;))

Behind the consumers??? we will go;)) trendwatching ,like always, rich analyzes in links, and several that they detaches, they belong web 2.0 generation, new virtual communities grow, + segmented, that certainty, It help us to imagine what´s the next new product.
Analyzing others links that gives to me 1 summary about trends for this year, I am going to walk between the designer´s universe, that´s inspire me, because... " I
love pics"... Specially, in this second issue, this virtual mag has evolved prettily, photographers and illustrators give to us 1 show, so the magazine for me is a summary of trends, all isthere, or inside the eduardo recife´s portfolio (statement of a fan that I am... :)))

If I try to develop my script/summary using others links I would call them:

- candy killer ... if it is possible?? in illustration It is, everything is possible, the link is funny and with sarcastic illustrations that brighten up the reality. Entirely in Portuguese, 1 street of designers ideothas, cool!!! Plastic kid, invisible creature, yetta, shiny binary and others links/names/sounds very suggestives, in fact, they show the present graphic language or for this segment (urban). the web an the streets are full of new camouflages, stylized skulls, in a repetition of images that familiarize us with the death and with the cruel aspect and the war´s consequences, it looks do not have end, 5 years that this spirit of soldiers and anonymous heroes with their sonorous nicknames walk around... But the graffiti save us!!! they are our newspaper of art and urban opinion, anonymous? never more. Pictures on walls ... they color the walls abandoned with their community companions personages, they´re came for to stayed and grow... Collages ... inspire also clothes... zu elements . And the music?? gives us rhythms... who loves all kinds of manifestations of art uses boca ( means mouth), paint, writes, photographs... or use base-v of SP and after??? We will wait many news tokidoki !!!
orisinal = the web also is full of fantasy, full of details and imagination, remits to our infancy, surrealism, super coloring, pop, urban... spirit catalina estrada, fiona hewitt ... if tropicália was a very important moment pop for our pop culture , today we have adhemas, that he´s selling in his link colors / emotions... Great!!!

- miss clara and her delicate sculptures. I´m back to think about the existentialism, i think it help also to develop products, 1 super example, kaat tilley. Agnostics and religious??? definitely... dived in the Renaissance, religion clothing, painter 2d 3d 4d... contrast of light and shades, intense colors. Present a "no color" from the midle-age, unforgettable portfolio = Amy Sol. Wealth of details retro, romances and dramas inspire some artists, illustrators, brands and products. Atheists... sober, mnimalist, underground, technological...

- Ecoist... in a terra plana (flat land??) that is wath we desire so much!!! every+thing at least "every+thing good" for the every+one, we will suffer all, if each 1 do not worry about the future of the planet, the world changing !!! and now with apocalipse motorizado (means ... apocalypse motorized) we will be stayed in alert and we will try to do ours part for to change with + Ecological products + ethics + recycled.

2007 - it is the year of the Hermit, we are going to work with a lot emotion and cause a lot emotion, awake for life and to do every+body to dream about 1 better world;))

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