10 de nov de 2006


o link é 1 e-commerce, mas a seleção de novos designers e suas coleções merecem o post... adorei!!! via (+ 1 X) urbanjunkies

4 comentários:

Ulla disse...

Love those shoes, they look like they have wings on!

santa mistura disse...

ullaaaaaaaaaa i went in your blog this morning looking the faires house, all your post are always so sweet or show a sweet side of life : ))
and thanks again for you visit here

Anônimo disse...

Hi! I'm really glad you love my site - and my shoes! I'm wearing those black ones right now. I've also got a blog now http://brittique.blogspot.com/. Chat soon!!

santa mistura disse...

great that you do a blog ;)) so we will have news about your collection very quick ; ))
your shoes are so diferent, we don´t have this style in brazil ;)) in fact all your products looks veryyyyyyyyy nice ;))